How is Summer Football played?

There are several formats in which endorsed Summer Football competitions might be played. Competition administrators are permitted to select which of the following formats they wish to deliver their competition in:

• 5 v 5
• 6 v 6
• 7 v 7

If however a participation opportunity is offered to U6 and U7 players, a 4 v 4 format will be applied in compliance with the MiniRoos delivery format

Additionally, regardless of the format participated in at the respective Summer Football competitions; teams that qualify and participate in the Football NSW Summer Football Champion of Champions Tournament will do so in a 6 v 6 format.

With the exception of the 4 v 4 format in which there is no goalkeeper, the total numbers indicated in the table is inclusive of the goalkeeper.

Match Duration

Match duration is at the discretion of the competition administrator. This flexibility is provided given different constraints at the various venues, including numbers of teams, age grades, players per team and length of venue hire.

The Football NSW preferred match durations are:

Age Grade Match Duration
U6 and U7 Two 10 minute halves
U8 – U11 Two 12 minute halves
U12 – U16 Two 15 minutes halves
U17 and older Two 20 minute halves

Field Orientations

U6 to U9
U9 to U12